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Speed up order picking?

Order picking is a very time-consuming process for the entire distribution chain. Banding can offer a good tool to make this process more efficient. By bundling batches of products with a band, different efficiency steps are made. Both in time, personnel cost, and in the reduction of packaging materials. The band makes sure the batches are easy to handle. From production to store shelves.


During the order picking process, batches of products are prepared for distribution. These batches are often transported in (returnable) boxes or crates. By banding these batches, they are easier to handle, and they don’t move in the box. This makes both the packing and unpacking process easier and more efficient. Banding often makes boxes and shrink film in this process unnecessary.

Shelf Ready

Shelf Ready Packaging couldn’t be easier with a band. Once the bundled products reach the shop, the supermarket staff have it incredibly easy. The bundled products can be put on the shelves in one movement. The band can be removed with the least difficulty, even when it comes to cross-banded products. Band off, and you’re done!

Print & Band

Barcodes and QR codes are a tool often used to make the order picking process more efficient. These codes can be printed during the banding process, directly onto the correct position of the band. This makes the distribution information always visible and easily reachable by scanners.

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